Monthly Archives: October 2008

Spies Like Us

If you’re on my newsletter list, you can probably tell that this guy’s story is pretty important to me and that I think it would be valuable to any Christian who’s invested in the work of the gospel.

J.O. Fraser, an early 20th century missionary to a mountain tribe in China called the Lisu, was the first to call for the formation prayer teams for the work of the gospel overseas. He once described himself as an “intelligence officer,” relaying information to folks back home who were doing what he considered the main work – praying. I was inspired by the way that God gave him specific direction in his prayers, as well as encouraged by seeing him struggle with things that are so familiar, things that I wrestle with too. And yet after years of darkness and almost nothing to show for his labors, God brought an outpouring of light and freedom to the Lisu through his prayers and those of his family and friends back home.

OMF recently made a 35 minute film documenting his story. You can see a trailer of it at There’s also a short booklet drawn from his journals that’s available online called “The Prayer of Faith”. This book had a huge impact in shaping my own prayer life when I was a college student. I hope that you will check it out.