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Sabbath Ride

SabbathRideIt started as just a leisurely ride around the neighborhood this afternoon, but somehow the weather charmed me onto a mountain trail.  Who knew 30 minutes could get me somewhere  quiet enough to notice for the first time what a bamboo grove sounds like, with its odd percussive crackling?

While I had a day of rest, others were working hard.  Saw this on the way home…


…and worried a motorist while trying to teach myself how to take motion photos.


Typhoon Averted

Thanks to those of you who prayed that our Field Conference would not be thwarted by the typhoon that was coming our way.  The storm turned around just as we were headed for the conference.

Was encouraged and challenged by the conference sessions, particularly by the daily studies on 2 Corinthians, as well as a session on ancestor worship given by a local Taiwanese pastor.  I’m praying about thoughtful ways to honor my ancestors in a way that will be meaningful in this culture and honoring to Jesus.  I’m excited about the prospect of learning more about my grandparents and other relatives who have passed away.

I saw this cool tree at the campsite, which I hope is emblematic of these early days of my life here in Taiwan.  May I grow deep roots!


Mailing Rates to Taiwan

My friend, SJ, sent info about mailing stuff to Taiwan and suggested that I post it.  Good idea!  So here you go:

Letters and postcards are $0.98*

All other info can be found at:

* This price is for letters 1 oz. or less, and postcards at least 3.5” x 5.5” but no more than 4.5” x 6”

Mid-Autumn Festival

Tonight is Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival.  It’ s a big-deal here. This holiday and Chinese New Year are the two big holidays where everyone travels to be together with family.  The vibe is a bit like a cross between Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. Throughout the streets and courtyards, you see family and friends out lighting fireworks and barbecuing.

The legends vary but one popular version is explained in this short video: Moon Festival Legend Video

Here’s what my neighbors were up to tonight:

Sparklers.smThis boy was really into fire tonight.

BBQShrimp.smHis family invited me to sit and eat with them.  He grilled the shrimp.

Girl&“It’s smoky here, Papa!”“Pretend we’re looking at the full moon!”

BBQSquid.smI think this family was grilling huge squid.

Teacher’s Day Spoof

Last Monday was Teacher’s Day, a holiday that the Taiwanese celebrate to commemorate Confucius’ birthday.  Here’s the video of the spoof karaoke song that we did to thank our teachers.  It’s only really going to be funny for Taiwanese speakers, I think:

Hak-Hau (學校)

If you don’t know the song that we’re spoofing, “家後,” then here’s the original karaoke video:

Ke-Au (家後)