Monthly Archives: April 2010

Last two months

Here’s a quick timeline of significant events over the last two months.

Feb 27. Memorial service in Kaohsiung for Ian Ullstrom. His was a remarkable story. Highlights include the eulogy by his parents towards the beginning of the service, and a powerful translated sermon at about 52:00 (you can watch it by clicking this link).

Mar 2. My roommate moved to Chiayi, where she is continuing her two-year internship.

Mar 6-8. Went to Taipei to bid farewell to my mom before her return to the United States, bringing closure to the formal mourning period for my grandma, who passed away on Dec 31.

Mar 8-13. My home became a clinic and guesthouse!  OMF’s Field Medical Advisor stayed with me and saw patients here. It was a special treat to chat with her and hear her stories, as she and her husband have been in Taiwan for about 30 years (I forget exactly how long) and have worn many hats in that time, including being the Field Directors and New Worker Supervisors .

Mar 18 and following. We welcomed new teammates that week.  The Jansens are family of four from Germany/United States. And Nancy Elumba arrived later that week from the Philippines.

Mar 27-April 5. Went to Taipei to visit OMF’s ministries in Wanhua, where I will move when I finish language school in August.

Online Again

I owe an update to my email list but I’ve been breaking my head trying to summarize what’s been two pretty intense months. So while I work that out, let me try posting bits here.

A friend from home wanted to see photos of some of the people who have been a key part of my life since I arrived in Taiwan. So it’s my pleasure to do a short intro:

These are Susanna and Steve Gribble, two Aussies who live a few floors above my apartment in the same building I live in.

And here are Thomas and Jenn McIntyre from the States. They are flanked by the director of our language school (far left) and one of our Taiwanese teachers (far right). Thomas just won the “Spirit Award” in a Taiwanese language competition in this picture. He was competing against Taiwanese people!

Honestly, I don’t know how I would have survived the last six months without the prayers and friendship of these two couples.

This is Beate Harr, from Germany, who’s been in Taiwan with OMF for over twenty years. She’s our Regional Supervisor in Taichung and has been an incredible support and mentor to me over these last difficult months.

Finally, here are Jen and Tim McCracken, the New Worker Supervisors, who hail from Ohio. Their job is to keep tabs on all the new workers… like me.

There are many others, but I’ll keep it to this for now!