Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hello to the Year of the Rabbit

My first Chinese New Year in Taipei!  It has been six months since I finished language school and moved here.  I’m in the Wanhua area, which is an especially happening place at this time of year.  Here are some of the sights from my new neighborhood from the past week.

Longshan Temple is crammed with worshipers seeking the favor of the gods there, who have a reputation for being especially powerful.

The local gamblers and Chinese chess players turn up in greater number.

Lucky dog (literally).

Dancing on the park square.

Snapping to the beat of old school Taiwanese songs being sung by street musicians.

吃甜甜!  (“Eat sweets!” – a traditional New Year’s motto in Taiwanese.)

Selling high mountain oolong tea.

Sausages are a traditional Chinese New Year snack.

Thousand year old eggs.

It’s a busy time for the working class… and their kids.

And then a few photos from other places in Taipei…

The cherry trees are starting to bloom.  (This is our team leader, Tera.)

And this is Sin Ee, my roommate and co-worker… with a friend.

Welcome to the year of the rabbit!