Monthly Archives: January 2012

Kicking off the year of the dragon

Today is the last day of the public holidays for Chinese New Year.  Some friends dropped in today to say hello, but had to leave before long because it’s back to work tomorrow.  But the fireworks are still going off at intervals outside.

Here’s a photo from 除夕 (Chinese New Year’s Eve), which is a big feast night for families here.  We had a lovely gathering at the Pearl Family Garden, and Tera showed everyone how to make these cool paper fish using the red envelopes that people use to give money gifts to kids at this time of year.

Fish have special significance at CNY because the Chinese word for fish (魚 – yu) sounds exactly like the Chinese word for abundance (餘).  Everyone has fish during CNY dinners in hopes that every new year will be one of plenty.  There are lots of fun food puns and word wishes like that.  Like pistachios, another popular CNY snack.  In Chinese, they’re called 開心果, which is literally, “happy fruit.”

It was the first time we’ve done CNY Eve at the Pearl.  My mom was even there, and fried up the traditional rice cakes with one of the gals.  So nice to see everyone laughing and treating one another like family.  Went home with a very thankful heart that night.

Happy dragon year, everyone!

Open Doors for 2012

Thanks to those of you who prayed for the short term team and all the work they helped us do during the Christmas season.  The Pearl Family Garden team was given a huge boost by these seven folk and we saw some doors open as a result of their time with us.  So we’re praying, praying as we follow up… will you join us in prayer?

They were so good to us… even gave an appreciation dinner for as many of our teammates as were able to attend, and we had a little time to walk around with them before their last ministry event.  First photo below is Margret, our area supervisor (she’s taken good care of me!) at the dinner.  The bottom photo is SinEe and one of the gals from the team walking near Taiwan Normal University.