About OMF

We are Appointees of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF), an international organization focused on reaching people in East Asia who have few opportunities to hear the gospel.

The first OMF missionaries came to Taiwan in 1951 and since then, the organization has come to be well-respected by the Taiwanese communities in which they work. Our future teammates, though few in number, are mostly veterans who have been there for more than 15 years (many have been there 30+ years).

The team in Taiwan is part of a larger fellowship, with members drawn from all over the world. OMF was founded in 1865 by Hudson Taylor under the name, China Inland Mission. Taylor is one of my heroes. At a time when the conventional wisdom was that missionaries did not need to go beyond the coastal areas of the lands to which they were sent, he was unable to shake the conviction that God was calling him to take the gospel to inland areas of China. He adopted Chinese dress and lived among the Chinese rather than in missionary compounds. For all these peculiarities that are now standard missionary strategy, he was ridiculed as a foolhardy young upstart, but he obeyed with a humility before God and neighbor that challenges and inspires me.

China Inland Mission’s name was changed to OMF when political climate of the 1950’s forced the CIM missionaries to leave China and the organization expanded its vision to include other countries in East Asia.

Find more details on  OMF’s website.  Specific info on our work in Taiwan is on the OMF-Taiwan page.