In order to depart for the field, we need to have regular financial support of US $3943.83 per month ($47,326/year).  Our goal is to depart by early to mid 2018.

Giving Towards our Support

Regular gifts are the most helpful way to support us financially, but there are a variety of ways to give.  When you fill out your information, please indicate that the funds are to be directed to support Gus and Audrey Chan (OMF Australia) or Audrey Lin (OMF USA).


OMF Australia:

Giving to Support Pearl Family Garden

For those who want to support Pearl Family Garden, you may also use any of the giving methods listed above.  Please indicate “Project Number P62020 Pearl Family Garden” to direct these funds towards the ministry center instead of our personal support.

If you have any other questions, or for additional information from OMF, please contact us or OMF:

OMF USA: or call 800.422.5330 ext 242.

OMF Australia:  (02) 9868 4777


Updated Oct 2016