Ways to partner

Besides praying and giving, There are tons of ways to partner.  Here are some ideas…


I list this again simply because it’s the most critical part of our work.  I have resources and info about a prayer group on my  PRAY page on this website.


One of the greatest gifts that supporters can give is to simply invest attention and interest in learning more about Taiwan, OMF and overseas missions in general. It can really change the way you pray and spark ideas for supporting this work. And it deeply encourages me to be with friends who simply understand the situation I’m entering.


Are you considering going to Taiwan as a long-term worker?  If so, pray about it, and we should talk.

As for short term trips, because of the sensitive nature of the work at Pearl Family Garden, we can only accept a small number of short term workers.  However, every year, OMF offers short-term trips to Taiwan through a program called Serve Asia.  The kind of work that these trips undertake varies greatly: vision trips, prayer journeys, work with juvenile delinquents, kids camps, teaching English in a low-income neighborhood, etc.  With some prayerful preparation, short term workers can make a powerful impact, especially by becoming a bridge between their home churches and the work on the field.


This can take many forms. Some possibilities:

  • Host a monthly prayer gathering to pray for me and other overseas workers.Host a gathering to introduce me to missions-minded friends
  • Talk to your home church about this work and connect me.
  • Get together with friends to watch a Taiwanese movie as a springboard for prayer and conversation. Movie suggestion: Yi-Yi
  • Take a group of friends to a missions conference.
  • Get people interested in taking a short-term trip to Taiwan.
  • Tell people about this website. =)

Practical Care

There are a multitude of ways that you can care for me when I’m on the field and when I’m home on furlough (OMF calls this “Home Assignment”). These include:

  • Donating frequent flier miles
  • Offering a place to store some things while I’m on the field
  • Lending a car while I’m on Home Assignment
  • Offering me a place to stay during Home Assignment
  • Cards and care packages
  • Keeping me abreast of books, music, and culture while I’m on the field


For those who are interested in helping out as an OMF volunteer, there are many volunteer opportunities in advocacy, mentoring, coordinating and prayer. If you would like your volunteer work to be directly connected to supporting me, just let them know when you contact OMF.

If you would like to partner in these or other ways, please contact me.


Page last updated Dec 16, 2014.