Prayer isn’t just supporting the work… prayer IS the work!

We are looking for people who will pray regularly for us and the work in Taiwan.  If you would like to do so, please contact us and ask to receive our prayer updates.  We send an email update roughly once  month.

Prayer Groups

It is especially helpful if you would pray together with others for this ministry.  We are part of a Taiwan Prayer Group that meets every 4th Monday in Sydney, Australia.  There are also Taiwan Prayer Groups in Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Ljubliana, and Boston.  Please contact us if you would like to join one or are thinking about organizing your own!

Prayer Resources

The Prayer of Faith by J.O. Fraser –  We highly encourage you to read this short booklet!  The friends who took the time to do so have found it deeply inspiring and encouraging, as Audrey did when she first read it in her college days.

Reaching Taiwanese prayer guide – published by OMF in June, 2012.

30-Day Prayer Guide for Taiwan – One story a month that leads you to pray for a different aspect of our work in Taiwan.  This book was compiled by OMF before the 2012 prayer guide was published.  You can download the Taiwan-prayer-guide or the Chinese-prayer-guide-small.



The Stranger– this beautifully shot short film tells a powerful story, typical of a working class Taiwanese woman’s search for reality and truth in a spiritually confusing world.

Church planting in Zhongpu –  OMF has planted a church in Zhongpu, a rural, working class town in central Taiwan.  Hear how to pray for them in this 4 minute video.

Pearl Family Garden: Outreach to Marginalized Women in Taiwan – In this 5 minute video, meet the leader of the team Audrey served on before 2013 and understand more about the red light district of Wanhua, where our team was serving.


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